Monday, February 8, 2016

The Unholy by Heather Graham

Title: The Unholy

Author: Heather Graham

Published: Harlequin MIRA, 2012

Pages: 384

Series: Book 6, Krewe of Hunters

Summary: The 1940s: hard-boiled detectives and femme fatale are box-office gold. In one iconic scene, set in a deserted museum, the private eye arrives too late, and the buxom beauty is throttled by an ominous Egyptian priest. 
Now: the Black Box Cinema immortalizes Hollywood's Golden Age in its gallery of film noir tributes. But the mannequin of that Egyptian priest is hardly lifeless. He walks and a young starlet dies a terrifying death. Movie mogul Eddie Archer's son is charged with the grisly murder. Eddie calls agent Sean Cameron, who specializes in irregular investigations. As part of an FBI paranormal forensics team, Cameron knows that nightmares aren't limited to the silver screen. Working with special-effects artist Madison Darvil who has her own otherworldly gifts Cameron delves into the malevolent force animating more than one movie monster.  (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: It has been a little while since I picked up one of the Krewe of Hunters novels as I went back and read the rest of the Harrison Investigations series, also by Heather Graham, before going back to this one.  I enjoy reading these books when I'm looking for something light that doesn't take all of my concentration to read.

The story started off on quite an interesting note and from there the mystery got going a little.  The investigation from the beginning was quite interesting and I enjoyed following the characters along as they investigated the mysterious circumstances surrounding the victim's murder.

These books are quite enjoyable but I will admit that they are pretty formulaic in places and I find that I can't read too many of these books in too short a time or I will start to struggle with them.  I did find this one to be different to the previous books by Heather Graham I had read recently but at the same time some of the other aspects were 

The mystery aspect of this book was so good.  I had been trying to guess who the murderer was but I do feel as though Heather Graham does a good job of placing red herrings throughout the book.  Basically, right up until the reveal I had no idea who the killer was so I was definitely surprised.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Unholy but I did find my attention wandering a little in places mostly just due to the fact that this series is very formulaic in terms of the romance aspects and I find those bits a little tedious at times.

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