Monday, January 11, 2016

The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman

Title: The Subtle Knife

Author: Philip Pullman

Published: Yearling, 2001 (First published 1996)

Pages: 368

Series: Book 2, His Dark Materials

Summary: May Contain Spoilers! Lyra finds herself in a shimmering, haunted otherworld—Cittagazze, where soul-eating Specters stalk the streets and wingbeats of distant angels sound against the sky. But she is not without allies: twelve-year-old Will Parry, fleeing for his life after taking another's, has also stumbled into this strange new realm.

On a perilous journey from world to world, Lyra and Will uncover a deadly secret: an object of extraordinary and devastating power. And with every step, they move closer to an even greater threat--and the shattering truth of their own destiny. (Taken from Goodreads)

Thoughts: This is a re-read for me, but I have only read it once, and that was about 13 years ago so I don't remember absolutely everything that had happened.  I decided at the end of last year to re-read the first two books so that I could finally read The Amber Spyglass.

I don't have too much to say about this one, other than I really enjoyed it and it was good reading back over the book and remembering things that I had forgotten.  Basically I had only really remembered the ending so I definitely needed to refresh my memory.

I have to say that this one isn't as amazing as Northern Lights but it's still pretty good.  Philip Pullman has such a great imagination and I just love all of the concepts in these books.  The daemons are so intriguing and I remember when I was younger thinking that it would be so great to have one of my own.

Overall, I am definitely looking forward to reading The Amber Spyglass and finally finishing the series.  I feel as though it's a series that everyone should read at least once, because it is so fascinating and it also gets you thinking about so many different things.

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  1. I agree with out, it isn't as amazing as the Northern Lights but still pretty interesting.


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