Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Looking for JJ by Anne Cassidy

Title: Looking for JJ

Author: Anne Cassidy

Published: London : Scholastic, 2004

Pages: 299

Snippet: "It made her feel horrible for days after."

Summary: "Looking For JJ" explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child - by her best friend. Seven years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity. But is there any way that she can lead a "normal" life?

Review: Looking for JJ was an interesting book. I thought it was alright but nothing overly special.

The main thing that kept me reading was what happened to JJ, what caused her to murder someone, and who did she murder. I was also expecting the ending to be something crazy. But no, the ending was a bit sad in some ways but at the same time it made the book a little pointless.

I think the characters I liked were Frankie and Rosie. They seemed pretty cool.

I also felt that part of the book doesn't connect with the other part. The JJ part and the Alice part, to me it just seems like there was something missing between the two.

Overall, I think that Looking For JJ was an entertaining read but it wasn't anything overly special. If you have some spare time and you like suspenseful novels then this book is for you.

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  1. I do like suspenseful novels, but kind of with a happy ending! :) I dont think this book is right for me, i love reading and escaping the real world, not read about murders.. :(

  2. I've been meaning to read this one for ages, but haven't got round to it yet. It sounds quite good though, and I like the sound of the suspense.

    Cheers for the review!

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  4. I really like the fact that your reviews are alway so honest; I feel the same way as Nina about this novel's prospects for making my TBR pile now... Thanks! x


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