Monday, February 1, 2010

January Wrap-Up

So this month was an interesting month for me in the way of books. The books I read were:
Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard
Hate List by Jennifer Brown
While I Live by John Marsden
Newes From The Dead by Mary Hooper
Syren by Angie Sage
Open Fire by Charlie Carter
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
Red Devil Down by Charlie Carter
Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy

January was kind of uneventful for the most part, although I did end my 98 Days of Summer Contest and the winner was Sarah, who I have emailed.  Congratulations to Sarah!

As I stated in my new year post I will be changing one thing about my blog every month and this month I will be doing a new thing on Friday's where I just post up some random bits and pieces and try have a bit of fun with that. But there'll be more about that on Friday. But also every so often on these Friday's my friend Scarlett of From The Heart will be blogging instead of me. But there will be more about that when you see her posts.

So what can you expect to see in February?  Well, much of the same bits and pieces as last month but there will be the Friday changes.

For 2010 I've been hoping to do a lot more contests and well I have to say that at this point in time I'm not having any contests in February but I can say without giving away too much that March is my blogoversary so watch out for that.  But for now have a great February!

Also, the January poll closed and it was all about what kind of contests you would prefer.  Most people prefer leaving only details.  Which I can understand.  It's provided some really good feedback for what to do for my next contest so thanks for that.


  1. Sounds like you had a great reading month. I still can't believe I won your contest! I was so excited when I got your email :o) Thank you again & I'm looking forward to reading Peeps!

  2. What did you think of Hate List? I am hoping to read that one this year. I read 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and I want to compare them.

    I am also curious about Newes From the Dead. I read another book by Mary Hooper that I really liked, The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose. Are you familiar with it?

  3. I like Anne Cassidy writing style. Hope you enjoy them :)

  4. What did you think of When You Reach Me? I am reading it now. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog!


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