Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bloodaxe by Charlie Carter

Title: Bloodaxe

Author: Charlie Carter

Published: Pan Australia, 2009

Pages: 89

Series: Book 4, Battle Boy

Snippet: "He has fallen among us to spread evil."

Summary: Villagers from the Dark Ages don't like boys who fall from the sky.  Neither does Bloodaxe, the fierce Viking King of York.  He makes Battle Boy fight his son, Haeric.

Review: I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before but I love endings.  I love the endings of books to be perfect.  I have to say that this books ending disappointed me so much. It just made me think, wow I'm glad this is a super quick read because if it had taken any longer than 20 minutes to read I would've been annoyed. Because seriously, the ending was so stupid that it made the entire book pointless but then they tried to explain it away as a learning experience so to speak.  Thus ends my rant about the ending of this book.

The rest of the book was alright. It's written for younger boys in mind so I think they would find it entertaining.  It also has Vikings and in my book Vikings are pretty cool.

The illustrations were not a disappointment either.  Some of them I don't really look at but others I find to be really interesting.

Overall, Bloodaxe wasn't too bad.  If it wasn't for the ending I would've enjoyed the book a little more.  Although, I guess the ending can't be the same for every book in the series.

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